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General Discussion » SCARY! Anyone heard anything? » Today 7:53 am

Did you notice the white "Angies Tours" coach parked out front? That was us. I was the scruffy guy in the camo jacket and camo cap and loud voice cos I'm deafish.

General Discussion » SCARY! Anyone heard anything? » Today 7:49 am

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I was in when Belguim just scored their 3rd goal, was chatting to peter,then had a coffee and watched the coach and copper for a while.

General Discussion » SCARY! Anyone heard anything? » Today 4:55 am

We drove pass that scene! Infact our driver was very keen for us to spend as little time in REAL as possible "I want to get the fuck out of here before that copper comes ".

EDit* hold on that means i was in REAL the same time as Warrior! Bloody hell, he could have made himself known to me, I'd have loved to shake his hand.

General Discussion » SCARY! Anyone heard anything? » Yesterday 11:34 pm

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Dunno about that but a coach was impounded outside Real T for not having correct paperwork until a 1000 euro bond was paid. Warrior sent me this photo which occurred on Saturday. Bear in mind though that this in Belgium not France, but maybe a joint op to harass coaches.


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