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General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 11:01 pm

"use the one at Dunkirk"

Yep that was the one the coach on Saturday stopped at...and as we pulled away, in the freezing cold, four Syrian brain surgeons (judging by their appearance, which I know is wrong of me) ran out from nowhere and started trying to board a Romanian lorry parked there.
Some of the regulars referred to it as 'small peeeedooos'  , the one in Calais being 'Big' I assume. I don't drink so I never go into Big or Small Peeedooos but the chip shop next door to the Big actually does a decent cup of tea or coffee so I sit there watching my fellow travellers wheeling out wire basket trolleys of St Omer or whatever its called.

General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 10:53 pm

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Don't blame the coaches at all - Pidou at Calais is right at the heart of where all the fighting and shootings are at the minute. They do the food handouts there for the migrants. I use the one at Dunkirk, 2 minutes from the motorway.

If you are using a credit card, bear in mind many charge for foreign transactions usually about 3% plus a fee of about 2 quid.

General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 9:09 pm

I used my debit card and they asked me if it should be booked in Euros , which I confirmed, so I shall be interested to see what rate it went through at. 

Thanks for the tip, I shall look at what rate my credit card gives next time (hopefully the 21st of April-if my new passport arrives in time). 

Try spending 12 hours trapped in a metal box, a moving metal box, with Norfolk people all grizzling about 'whant'n to go tooo Peeeedoooos!" (coaches don't like stopping there now).

General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 9:02 pm

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I've been bangin' on about credit cards for a couple of months . There are a lot of them out there now with no foreign transaction fees. If you use one of these you get the 'bank' rate which is better than tourist rates.

It does not work for UK brand baccy but on Springfield at today's spikey high exchange rate it could save you an extra £3.50 per kilo. Only proviso is you must tell them to charge the card in euros. If they charge the transaction in sterling they can set their own rate.

I've used my card on the last couple of trips but on the next one in a few days, I'll be using cash because Pidou are offering an exchange of €1-35 on alcohol for sterling cash buyers for a couple of weeks.

General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 5:36 pm

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The Blocked Dwarf wrote:

Question: Has anyone tried Springfield Blue or their purple Volume tobacco?

I've tried the Springfield blue Rolling Tobacco TBD and tbh, there's no discernible difference between it and Turner (my normal smoke). If it wasn't for the fact that I hadn't let our lass try some from last years trip, I would've bought it instead of Turner this year.

Over a quid a pouch cheaper than Turner so would've saved me another £260 or so on 12Kg.

I know what I'll be buying next year lets put it that way 

Dunno about the tub-type bacci as I hand-roll and pouches work better for me. You might have to search for it TBD but IIRC someone on here did a comparison report a while back between the well-known brands and Real's alternatives and they all seemed to come out pretty good.

General Discussion » Ardinkerke Coach Trip 17.03/ Springfield Blue » Yesterday 3:15 pm

Last Saturday I finally managed to get a coach trip to A'kerke, after several cancellations as apparently no-one in North Norfuck smokes anymore nor wants cheap tobacco anymore. 

For those members in East Anglia I can recommend this firm http://www.angiestours.co.uk/  . A bit 'one man band' as the website suggests and the coach seemed to be held together with gorilla tape but was surprisingly comfortable and expertly piloted (and that during The Beast From The East2) . The thing however that really impressed me was the driver . First time I have met a baccy run coach driver who REALLY knew his 'stuff' . Every virgin on the coach asked the standard question of 'how much can I bring back?' and he 'schooled' each one as to what to say if Customs stop them -with examples "One lady the other month , who only had a kilo, had her baccy seized because she said 'my mother is babysitting today and it's a 'thank you' " .  
Aside from the very knowledgeable driver, the trip was uneventful, with nothing to report, and we were waived through Dover with a collective sigh of relief.
Mind you I'm a little pissed at REAL , their supposedly updated the day before website listed old prices. And so instead of having enough cash on me, I had to put some on the card. 

Question: Has anyone tried Springfield Blue or their purple Volume tobacco? Taste? How do they tube? I meant to pick up some to try (in a vain attempt to decrease my smoking costs) but of course forgot due to the annoyance of  the prices being much higher than expected. 

General Discussion » We like this! Tobacco Leaf £1.50 for 50g! » Yesterday 2:59 pm


or https://eurotabak.de/

sell cheap Polish leaf of very varying quality (the last kilo I had from them was mouldy and they got very stroppy and wouldn't replace it). No idea if they still ship to the UK , or if customs are stopping their shipments to us. But if you're looking for leaf it might be worth a punt.

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