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General Discussion » SOT Appendix "Gift Of Tobacco" -Your Thoughts? » Today 4:37 pm

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Outstanding BD!
So a single roll up you make is 1.1 gr and the five equate to 5.2 gr.  1.1 gr / 50 = c45 BD roll ups.
I am sure that I have posted before that one way to measure HRT consumption would be to weigh the pouch each morning.  This should allow for a daily consumption rate of tobacco to be recorded and to build up weekly and monthly data.
Anyone else care to post the average weight of the roll ups they make?


General Discussion » Little Something I Noticed At Border Force Coquelles » Today 2:52 pm

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TBD, you're trying to confuse us I see by not mentioning the TYPE of tobacco the bags hold..........hmmmmmm, you sure you're not a secret occifer trying to trick us ??? - lol 

Wanna job with BF  ? 

General Discussion » SOT Appendix "Gift Of Tobacco" -Your Thoughts? » Today 8:54 am

Last week I included these, as proper printed photographs, at the very front (in the plastic cover) of my SOT. On the principle that an officer's eyes would be drawn automatically to the pretty colours if handed it :



Yes I know my rolls ups are bit lumpy and uneven but I was trying to roll my normal thickness but as I would when 'stressed'...ie not spending too long getting the spread even etc.

No idea if it is a good idea but I'll be interested when stopped next to hear what the Sked has to say...with any luck it will stop him doubting my needing a pouch (50g) a day (I smoke 50-60 'proper' cigarette sized rolls ups a day, none of your 'prison fag' nonsense)>

General Discussion » Little Something I Noticed At Border Force Coquelles » Today 8:30 am

@shaky @ DR

Yep *wipes egg off 'boat'*, when I read Skay's comments I realised I had been thinking about the tobacco I buy (ie in tubs) not the 'bricks' of pouches. I blame lack of sleep and the fistfuls of Temazepam I have to take to be able to cope with 12 hours plus trapped in a metal box with Norfolk people....

Mind you my point is still valid, if somewhat less so. One bag good , four bags  baaaad as Orwell might have said...

General Discussion » Little Something I Noticed At Border Force Coquelles » Today 8:05 am

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I drove through the channel yesterday,I got asked no questions, just a polite Thank you after having our passports handed back to us(Mrs and myself), as for the the black bags,they hold 5kg lol.

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