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29-7-2013 2:55 pm  #1

Preliminary hearing Hull magistrates 23 August

Received letter from Home Office solicitors last Friday enclosing a Notice of Application for my tribunal appeal to be stood over until condemnation proceedings are completed. Apparently these are scheduled for a first hearing on 23 August. However, I have not received any summons as yet. Tried ringing Hull magistrates court and was passed round half a dozen bewildered people all of whom appeared to have no idea what condemnation proceeding were. One even suggested that I contact the County court!

Eventually, it was confirmed that the case was indeed scheduled for the above date, but the summons would be issued by Border Force and not by the court. This seems a little odd, because last time I managed to speak to the NPSU (in May), I was told the summons would be issued by the court.

I have just phoned the Home office solicitors, who were able to confirm that condemnation proceedings have indeed been raised, and also that it was their responsibility to issue the summons.  Upon enquiring why I had not received it yet, I was told that they were awaiting something from the court.

All sounds a little fishy to me.

Anyway, is there anything to be gained by attending this preliminary hearing, given it will involve a round trip of over 200 miles?


30-7-2013 4:27 am  #2

Re: Preliminary hearing Hull magistrates 23 August

I got exactly the same response when it came to the case coming to its 6 months time bar. The court had no idea about it and said to phone HMRC, they just said the same, its up to the court to send the paperwork. Never happened and got my goods back.

Do you know when your 6 month limit is?

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30-7-2013 8:53 pm  #3

Re: Preliminary hearing Hull magistrates 23 August

celticmanx wrote:

Do you know when your 6 month limit is?

13 August

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