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30-5-2014 7:06 pm  #1

Tribunal hearing Tuesday 3 June 11 am Manchester

The show goes on and on ....

My appeal against Border Force refusal to restore my goods has not yet been closed down and there is now to be a hearing at the tribunal centre, Alexandra House, Manchester.

I intend to argue that the restoration refusal was unlawful and that Border Force should compensate me for the time that I was deprived of my property.

I'm fully expecting to be sent away with a flea circus in my ear, but we shall see ,..

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07-6-2014 12:44 pm  #2

Re: Tribunal hearing Tuesday 3 June 11 am Manchester

Again, exactly as predicted.

Spoke to BF barrister (awfully nice chap)  before hearing and attempted to explain my position. The judge (who for now shall remain anonymous) was not quite so nice, however,and told me in no uncertain terms that because I had accepted compensation for the destruction of the goods, the tribunal had no further jurisdiction in the matter and the appeal was now CLOSED.

And that, I assumed was that. However, events have now taken a somewhat bizarre turn. I have just received a letter from the tribunal which I assumed would be a copy of the decision. However, the letter merely thanks me for notifying them of the withdrawal of my appeal!

I thought this was just a clerical error and I phoned the tribunal to check. I was informed that the judge had written on the file that "the appeal should be considered as withdrawn" I was also told that the judge had since gone on leave and could not be contacted.

Curiouser and curioser ....

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09-10-2014 6:57 pm  #3

Re: Tribunal hearing Tuesday 3 June 11 am Manchester

Having queried the curious attempt to "airbrush out" my appeal I have now been informed that there will be yet another hearing on Monday October 13 at 10:30 am. The purpose of this hearing is to "clarify the position".

Funny, I thought that was the purpose of the last one ,,,

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20-10-2014 7:42 pm  #4

Re: Tribunal hearing Tuesday 3 June 11 am Manchester

Did the hearing go ahead on 13th Turbulent, if so what news?


21-10-2014 6:59 pm  #5

Re: Tribunal hearing Tuesday 3 June 11 am Manchester

Quick update.

Hearing did go ahead. Same judge as last time despite tribunal centre informing me that a different judge would preside. Half way through, judge informed me that respondents (Border Force) who were not present, would concede the appeal.

Will post more details later


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