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16-8-2015 6:47 pm  #1

Easyist Driving for newbie from Zeebrugge

Looking forward to the 241 starting October and wanting to take the car for the 1st time.

Where would you recomend to take the car thats not to difficult driving as I have never driven on the wrong side before. Somewhere we could have a few stops take in the sceneery and buy some choclates. Nice eaasy access and parking.



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16-8-2015 9:38 pm  #2

Re: Easyist Driving for newbie from Zeebrugge

The way P&O have restructured their website pricing I would not be surprised if there are some major changes to the 2 for 1's this season. As we have said before they have done away with the option of mixed routes outbound and inbound which was available on the day return tariff, so who knows?

If you can drive out of Zeebrugge port and onto the m/way or up to Brugge then I don't think you have any worries. I note from previous posts you don't do France so that narrows it down somewhat. Ostend or brugge are probably the best shopping places in Belgium. Unless you are into war history there's not much to do in Belgium. Sluis just over the border in Holland is a nice day out. Only time I have to concentrate about driving on the other side is in car parks otherwise you should be ok.

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16-8-2015 10:58 pm  #3

Re: Easyist Driving for newbie from Zeebrugge

i spent so much time driving in france/belguim years ago,i sometimes had mind blanks and couldn't remember which side to drive on in the uk!
 the only prob i have is changing motorways sometime heading from zebrugge,there is traffic joining as you try to exit,and they all drive at 100mph,no lane hogging though ha ha

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.
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