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08-10-2015 4:26 pm  #1

Sofia here I come

I am planning a trip to Sofia in December with a view to acquiring 5,000 or so B&H Gold. I am a passionate smoker (first caught when I was 5 years old) and smoke circa 35 to 40 per day. It clearly stunted my growth as I'm 6'4" and 22-stone.

​JTI International has offices in Bulgaria but a few questions to the wise and experienced amongst you arise. I'd be most grateful if anyone who knows could answer them accordingly. Many thanks, in anticipation.

1/ Am I right to presume that say 25 'sleeves' of B&H Gold would be reasonabky readily available in supermarket/s or does one have to go to a specialist tobacconist/s?
2/ Any particular recommendations for shops in central Sofia?
3/ Likelihood of getting 25 sleeves in one location, or will I have to hunt?
4/ Also, do such places accept Visa/Mastercard credit cards?
5/ Is pricing in local currency (Lev)?
6/ Do all such sleeves have EU duty paid stickers on them?
7/ I read suggestions about a letter being required in Englsh & Bulgarian but see that the 'copy' seems to have disappeared or been lost. Is this still necessary? 

Many thanks to anyone or everyone who can answer these issues.

With best wishes and happy puffing 

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08-10-2015 8:11 pm  #2

Re: Sofia here I come

Welcome to the forum.

'Fraid info on Bulgaria is a bit sparse on here. One of our founder members was a regular tripper there due to family connections but he tends not to look in these days. It was him who came up with the letter as customs in Bulgaria were seizing goods on the way out of the country. However I believe I have read somewhere that this no longer happens..

Sorry can't be more helpful.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


09-10-2015 4:39 am  #3

Re: Sofia here I come

I know it's a different area but I visited sunny beach in August and purchased 20 sleeves l&b there in a supermarket.
They were readily available everywhere.
No problem taking them out


11-10-2015 7:41 pm  #4

Re: Sofia here I come

Thank you Dilligraf & dirtyrider for your responses.

Do you by any chance know if the supermarkets take credit/debit cards?

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11-10-2015 8:40 pm  #5

Re: Sofia here I come

Supermarket would only accept cash for ciggies in sunny beach


12-10-2015 2:54 pm  #6

Re: Sofia here I come

Thank you dirtyrider.

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