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31-10-2015 3:20 pm  #1

Another successful run to Belgium

Another nice run to refill the chocolate cupboard.

Boat was very quiet going out with lots of upgrades available. Shaky Standard Inside to 2 Berth Club was £60 oneway.
Didnt eat in either of the "World Famous" restaurants for dinner, but did have breakfast. No hash browns but bacon was crispy and fried eggs werent like rubber. So yes a inprovement over last time. Noticed they had more women chefs cooking.

Coach to ostend took around a hour to get there drops off at far end of marina, next to the Hotel Melinda. There was 2 coaches and both were full. Pickup time is 16:30 and departs at 16:45 on the dot. Coach came back along the coast following the tram route most of the way, Nice little trip.

The boat was full on the way back no upgrades available. 

Boat had to arrive early due to Higher tide than normal, so we sat for 30 minutes waiting at the dock while everything was made ready for us.

Exit from boat is now allways the side and not the rear as sometimes before. They close some doors around reception and make a big cue. Doesnt work as people were going up the stairs and down the other side and waiting in the corridors.  Anyway we got off pretty early in the queue.

Only two BF at the PCP asking lots of questions mainly to findout about what we where carrying. 
Nice and pleasent was happy with the amount and number of trips we make. Have his ID number to go in the trip log against a Neg Stop.
Nobody downstairs, so off we went on our way home.  Even the G4s  at Hull were nice.

Triplog and paperwork updated ready for the next trip.

Eezy will PM you later this weekend, Have some intel for you, Dont want to discuss here.



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31-10-2015 7:13 pm  #2

Re: Another successful run to Belgium

Cheers Gaz, glad you had a good trip.

Struggling with internet at the moment. Using mobile which is poor so might need patience 😊

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01-11-2015 8:39 am  #3

Re: Another successful run to Belgium

N2Dgarry wrote:

Another nice run to refill the chocolate cupboard.

Boat was very quiet going out with lots of upgrades available. Shaky Standard Inside to 2 Berth Club was £60 oneway.

I'm wondering if it's a fixed price Gaz seeing as I upgraded from 2 berth inside standard to 4 berth club and that was £60. Still worth it though considering how much I saved on my products http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png

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