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09-11-2015 3:28 pm  #1


Travelled down sat morn,had to deliver something to a freind in Rugby on the way so thought we are half way to dover may aswell fit a trip in.

After stopping off at rugby we then headed down to folkestone ,traffic clear all the way down with no hold ups whatsoever.

arrived at tunnel self check in,straight through ,check at pcp,no prob,then a check at security,again no probs,down to the train and only 5 mins wait then on our way.

It was dark when we arrived in france around 6.00pm their time,straight upto belguim,and then back down to calais for our wine/beer,the warehouse we use means driving virtually through the 'jungle',wasn't keen on doing this in the dark,so drove down to the ferry port then took a back road round to the warehouse,.

Seems the warehouse is having probs getting hold of echo falls wine,so had to settle for blossom hill,which is a few pounds a case dearer,but got john smiths £5 x 25 440ml and guiness £5 x 24 44ml,so didn't do too bad.

Stayed over in calais at a hotel,had free wi fi so took the laptop and watched the darts,then x factor on catch up ha ha.

Up early to catch an early train back,just missed one so had to wait about a hour for next one,no questions at pcp and my passport scanned ok this time,very pleasant young lady checking passports,but a ukbf looking over her shoulder waiting to pounce,but not us this time and they already had 2 vehicles in the search area anyway,one was polish i think and another english vehicle.

Drive home seemed to take ages but again no real hold ups,so all in all a good trip.

Only got enough stuff to last till mid december so will be doing another before christmas i hope,and maybe they will have sourced some echo falls by then.

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10-11-2015 8:31 am  #2


Was hoping for some cheap day trips to appear on Eurotunnel as they have in previous years.


Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force may use your posts here as evidence against you in court.

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