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20-12-2015 5:42 pm  #1

Goods seized Dover.

I will try to keep this as simple as possible,  here goes.
Last week I had 6 kg of rolling tobacco sized at Dover.
I was my own worst enemy and did and said everything wrong, what I would like is a balanced opinion on where I go from here.

I am a lorry driver running into northern Europe, last week I was pulled by Dover BF, I had 6 kg of tobacco and 200 Fags.

When they stopped me I assumed they were giving the truck the once over looking for immigrants.
I was casually asked what I had, I replied some Fags and three crates of beer for Christmas.  This was my first and biggest mistake.

Things started moving very quickly,  I had to park in the sheds whilst 5 officers started searching the truck, they even removed the land ( 26 pallets of frozen food ) in tthe cab the tobacco was immediately found.
I then had to sit in an interview room for two hours.
The end result was I was accused of lying, the truck and tobacco was seized,  I then had to pay 1100 pounds to release it.

Given that I didn't immediately declare the goods, have I lost it.
I am out of pocket by 1700 pounds which is hard to take a week before Xmas.
I signed the offers book, I stated the reason I bought such a quantity is I was giving up the job in Jan and had stocked up for personal use.
I was accused of lying and even after smoking a ciggie was told I'm a non smoker.

Basic facts.
6kg of tobacco seized.
I didn't immediately declare it.
I signed the book.
I paid 1100 to get the truck rreleased.
This is the first time I have been stopped with tobacco.
I travel abroad weekly.

Sorry to ramble on chaps , I have tried to write as much detail as possible without waffling too much.

Could I appeal?
Will I be hit with a duty bill or was that what I paid to get tge truck released.

Thanks in advance to all help received.

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20-12-2015 7:49 pm  #2

Re: Goods seized Dover.

not declaring excise goods when asked will be classed as trying to decieve and smuggle, also travelling weekly/monthly they will assume you bring this amount each time you travel.

expect a penalty bill for the duty on the bacca and cigs on top of the restoration fee already paid.

you could appeal or ask for restoration, but I wouldn't even bother appealing if i were you to be honest.

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20-12-2015 8:18 pm  #3

Re: Goods seized Dover.

That was pretty much my thoughts tbh.

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20-12-2015 9:01 pm  #4

Re: Goods seized Dover.

I would say £1100 is a penalty charge because the duty charges on that quantity would probably be about £1250.

They used to charge £250 penalty for a first offence but they now have discretion to charge up to 100% of the duty evaded depending on what they consider to be the level of co-operation.

If you go to court and lose your costs will probably be  £2000+ and a duty bill inline with what I quoted above. You can appeal to crown court, probably at no extra cost. If you win it costs nothing, you get back the purchase cost of the goods and your £1100. This happened recently to one of our members who had to pay a similar fee to get his coach released. He won his case.

As regards under declaration of goods warrior is right. However, to my mind,  it depends on whether it was a casual remark in conversation or a specific question and whether the goods were concealed. Also it depends what you told customs the goods were for e.g. own use, gift to somebody who looks after your dog etc. That then leads to further questions.......

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Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


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