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How to register and make new posts.

Some newcomers seem to have difficulty in navigating the forum so here are a few tips to help. 

 Guests can view the whole forum at present but cannot post anything. 

If you want to contribute you will have to register. All you need is a valid email address, a user name and password. Supplying an email address is a requirement of Boardhost and not N2d. Your email address, IP address and username are the only personal items of information available to the admin team. We strongly advise you do not register with your own name as the forum is regularly monitored by HMRC and Border Force and if you can be identified your posts will be recorded by them. If on reflection you want to change your username, either use the N2d email or private message eezyrider, stating your new username. 

Overseas residents are normally not allowed to register.We make this rule because foreign residents who have had their goods seized have to supply the name of a UK solicitor in order to progress their case. We are unable to help anyone who has had goods seized abroad as we don't have local contact addresses and don't know local custom's procedures. Admin can tell which country a person is registering from by using their IP address. 

Using the forum. Once your reg'n is approved by the admin team you can contribute your posts or ask questions etc. Please respect the good housekeeping we try to achieve by making sure your post goes in the correct forum. Posting in the correct forum means you are more likely to get replies to your questions and more promptly. Please do not tag a request for help on the end of someone else's topic. It is not good manners and causes the original poster's topic to go off thread. 

To start a new topic click on the appropriate forum e.g. ''Help'' and on the next page towards the top righthand side you will see ''New Topic''. Click on this and the message box will open. Create a title and write your message. Preview your message or submit. 

Private messages. New members have to make 3 posts on the forum before they can use this facility. Any messages are safe, secure and not visible to admin or anyone other than the intended recipient. Please do not use private messages to request help with your case unless it involves passing on personal info such as real names etc. PM's are tedious to use for ongoing conversations and puts the onus on one member to provide advice thereby denying others the opportunity to contribute from their experience. 

Above all remember that all advisors are volunteers and there is no requirement on any member to offer advice or answer your queries but most of us will endeavour to help.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


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