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08-6-2016 5:27 pm  #1

Just back.

Should have gone a couple of weeks ago but mrs eezy was unwell. Fortunately I was able to move the tunnel booking to a new date without penalty. We normally stay over in France and come back the next day. By coincidence I didn't book our usual hotel but this one had free cancellation up to 7pm on the day, so lost nothing there either.

We stayed this time at B&B Hotel, Coquelles, first time for us. Not bad for £37. Clean and well decorated and quite a big room for a budget hotel and with en-suite and an ashtray! The only downer is it's 3 storeys with open walkways and stairs and no lift. We don't do breakfast but it's all you can eat for €6 apparently incl bacon and eggs.

No delays on the M/ways for a change so got to the tunnel and took the option of an earlier train. So damned hot on that train though, the heat was stifling. Not much traffic the other side and nobody in the Tabac. Bargain of the day - Glen's vodka £4.90 per bottle. Called in Pidou for some cheap booze. It does hack me off though when I make a shopping list from their website and they have not got half of what I want.

Coquelles was the busiest I've seen it with queues from the passport control all the way back to the check-in booths. All the custom's officers were busy doing checks so we 'sneaked' past them, not that we had much of interest to them.

One point that never fails to surprise me is the lack of security checks at Coquelles - there ain't any!

A good trip, all things considered.


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