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02-12-2016 4:39 pm  #1

Trip Report.

Went through the tunnel last week, Stopped on the way back for a chat.  Nice gentleman informed me that I can buy more next time and come less often...  yea right.  No problems as I do not buy a lot and do not go too often. 

But if anyone is wondering, this tactic of telling folks to get more next time, in my opinion should make anyone that thinks "they are just after smugglers" think again.  It should be obvious what they are trying to achieve,  and its wrong for them to do that.  They are basically trying to turn folks with a profile of a genuine shopper into someone with a profile of a smuggler.  What would they assume about my last trips if I had double what I had this time?  Does the officer know what they would assume?  Of course the answer should be clear. 

It is wrong, very wrong, and they should be ashamed.  I wasn't recording, but I will in future, because I really want to start logging these encouragements to go less often and get more per time. 

As noted in other topics, I discovered that real tobacco give you a terrible exchange rate on things that are not listed in £s.  So watch that if you ever buy anything other that 50g packets.  Also as noted in another thread Pidou give you your change in euros at their published rate, currently 1.20 euro to £1. 


02-12-2016 5:45 pm  #2

Re: Trip Report.

We have cut down on our trips from about 8 per year a couple of years ago, to 4 this year (including next week's trip). Mainly because I find the journey tedious now, having done it so many times. We have also stretched our purchases a bit. What has not changed is our total quantities over the year as 5 years of trip logs will show.

The Tunnel has always had a terrible reputation on here for having maverick BF officers who play by their own rules. Oct 15 was when we were last stopped and I have to say the young officer was respectful and receptive to what we had to say. I asked if she would record the stop and she said that she could do but ''nobody would be interested'' in the amount of goods we were carrying. 

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


02-12-2016 8:16 pm  #3

Re: Trip Report.

Yes I have to add that the conversation was respectful both from me and from the officer.  It just left me with a sort of "why on earth did he say that?" feeling, especially as I have heard of others being told the same thing.

By the way, the roads were nice and clear in both directions.  Met a few French people over there and talked about various drinks.  The French in Calais and Dunkirk seem to be a lot friendlier than they used to be and seem more willing to talk English rather than put up with my terrible attempts at the French language. 

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