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07-12-2016 2:17 pm  #1

Dec 2016 via Tunnel

Stayed At Premier Inn, Folkestone on Mon night, Tunnel on Tues, Premier on Tues night and drove home today.All in cost about the same as Hull/Zeebrugge with the car. 

Good trip to Folkestone and back on m/ways. Tunnel was very busy. We were on a half-price day trip and were not offered an earlier train. Maybe because they were so busy but they were on time both ways. On leaving the Tunnel at Coquelles access to the A16 to Belgium was closed off and no diversions signed. We had to go the only direction possible, off at the 1st junction and back on the other side of the m/way. Further on the A16 approaching Dunkirk, there were delays of 10-15 mins, traffic standing still, due to one lane being coned off for what appeared to be minor works.

Called first at Stop'n'shop as their website prices were cheaper. On enquiring, my 20 packs of Cafe Creme were 70p dearer than the web price! That would have added £49 to my bill so went to Real T instead. Real T have also got Glen's vodka back in at £5-90 per bottle but otherwise their alcohol in some cases is much dearer than Pidou. After supermarket shopping and a trip to Pidou it was back to the Tunnel.

Again very busy, took ages to get through border controls. Hard-faced jobsworth on our checkpoint asked where we had been and what we had bought.

Diversion still in place on A16 at Ghyvelde but no delays. A handful of migrants there though, hanging about on both sides of the m/way.

Might be our last trip as mrs eezy says she's packing in smoking after Christmas.

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