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18-1-2017 10:44 pm  #1

Eh? We can import what now by post?

Cross-border distance sales of tobacco....  United Kingdom... Yes???

So come on then,  which company out there fancies there chances registering to import and sell direct to the UK consumer...  because apparently it is allowed ?!?

I am confussed.

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18-1-2017 11:03 pm  #2

Re: Eh? We can import what now by post?

just found this to go with it, there seems to be a couple of companies registered to sell from EEA to UK...  near the bottom in the tobacco products section...


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19-1-2017 12:05 am  #3

Re: Eh? We can import what now by post?

As far as I am aware it has never been ''illegal'' to purchase excise goods from the EU to be posted to the UK. 

However UK excise duties must be prepaid by the seller (not recipient) for transactions to comply. 

(this is a copy/paste)
Tobacco purchases over the internet from another EU country

In short it is legal to buy tobacco over the internet from another European Community country. However it is only legal if the UK VAT and excise duty is paid on the goods. The person who sells the goods must make arrangements for these taxes to be paid before they are sent to you in the UK. It is in your interests as a customer to check that all the requirements have been satisfied; otherwise the goods you buy are likely to be seized by Customs at the postal depot.It is crucial to ensure that the UK duty and tax is paid when the goods enter this country, even if the relevant taxes have been paid in another EU country. If the tobacco purchased has not had its VAT and excise duty accounted for, your goods are liable to forfeiture and you put yourself at risk of prosecution. Generally, Customs will NOT restore seized items even if you are later able to pay the UK duty and VAT.Even if the tobacco is a personal gift, there are no statutory reliefs for tobacco goods posted as gifts from other EU countries, and so the excise duty must still be paid prior to the goods arriving into the UK but the import VAT charge is waivered.  However, additional charges will not normally be made provided that:

  • It is a bona-fide gift sent from a private person in another EC country to a private person in UK;
  • It must be for your own personal use and cannot be sold to others;
  • You must not have paid for it, either directly or indirectly.
  • There must be no commercial or trade element to the contents of the consignment
  • The item must be for your own personal use-it should not imported for the purpose of being sold to others;

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


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