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18-1-2018 9:07 am  #1

£44M extra for security.

I find it strange that the UK is spending an extra £44M on security at Calais and the Tunnel.

Whether it is right or wrong is a matter for debate. Personally I think it's a drop in the ocean compared to some of the other expenditure that is being discussed, in relation to Brexit for example.

My point is that the perception of security when travelling through the Tunnel is that there is very little. For example, I went through the Tunnel on Monday and for those who have never used it, the procedure is check in at automated booths, wait for call, drive up to French passport control and then UK passport control. There is then a security procedure which involves ''wiping'' the car door handles and steering wheel with an electronic device and ''are you carrying any guns, knives or weapons''. Except that French passport control always wave me through and the security check only happens say, 4 times out of ten. Coming back the only check is you may get pulled by French Customs to go through their vehicle scanner or a grumpy BF for a customs search.

Of course that is my view regarding the terrorism aspect whereas it seems the £44M is being spent on keeping migrants out. Personally I think it's just a gift to keep the local French in work. Calais, like everywhere else is deteriorating at a fast rate with business closures.

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