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07-2-2018 2:36 pm  #1

Pidou and Real.

Pidou order waiting for us in Dunkirk, as we pulled on to the car park about 9 asylum seekers ran over to the back of a truck, disappeared very quick so must have got in, or under, or where ever they go.  Pidou staff went outside to check after being told by a truck driver they were out there, and after looking around and seeing no one they came back inside.  

Adinkirk has a lot of closed shops now, everywhere either closed or dead except for Real XL which was really busy full of french people.  One till is for UK Sterling, the rest are for the french.  No Glens.  Got some free chocs and lighters. 

On the way back saw a lorry pulled up with back doors open on the A16 in calais, cops were in there. All this was in the afternoon. 

No problems on the tunnel, told the bloke who was checking the passports where we had been, BF popped head through window to ask how much tobacco we had, waved through.

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07-2-2018 3:34 pm  #2

Re: Pidou and Real.

Thanks for the update NoMo. Always good to know the latest news.

Didn't see any migrants in Dunkirk 3 weeks ago but I think there is a big camp near the next junction back towards Addy. It's at the back of Auchan.

No Glens last time we went so bought a case of Danoff. About £7 per bottle using the credit card.

Warrior tells me that Pidou are now displaying a warning re the free trips. If you don't collect your order they will charge for the ticket. Fair enough I guess.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


08-2-2018 2:59 am  #3

Re: Pidou and Real.

Yea first time I have seen any there, no doubt they are not interested in us at all and we are invisible to them.  Obviously if anyone is reading this it is probably worth saying.
Do not get involved at all, in any way. They are just playing the numbers game and trying to find somewhere to hide to get in the country. 
They do not want to connect with you in anyway. 
They do not want to see you,
They do not want you to see them,
They want you to ignore each other...
Lets keep it that way.

I love how Pidou operate.  Their ordering system saves me a good 30 mins a trip, it means I get what I want, and it has saved me close on two hundred quid this last year I bet. That is without counting the fact I am now drinking wine instead of beer which works out cheaper and is another saving.  It is only right that they charge you if you do not collect.

Real Tobacco seems to be getting less and less interested in the Brits to be honest.  Not really surprised as the vast majority of the money they make now is from the French.  The price of cigarettes in france is now around 8 euros, but it will rise to 10 euros by 2020.  Rolling tobacco in France has seen a huge increase as it was identified as the variant that young people start smoking, so it is now around 9 euros for 30g.  So now they go to Belgium instead.  They can buy a 341g tub of camel tubing tobacco and make maybe 400 cigs, this works out at 2.50 for 20 cigs instead of 8 euro.  If they are a couple, both smoking a pack a day, they can save about 300 euros a month, no passport or crossing to book, no stupid border force keeping a note of how many trips they are doing and giving them a maths quiz, they just get in the car and drive.  As the months roll by the prices in France will keep increasing, the next rise is due 1st of March.  Real Tobacco are going to get busier and busier with French people.

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