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18-8-2018 11:39 pm  #1

After you have made an appeal -

It's been a while since we discussed this subject.

Your goods have been seized and you send in a NOC, (appeal). By law BF are required to apply for a summons for a condemnation hearing at magistrates court. That is it. No matter what forms and paperwork you get from BF there is no requirement to correspond further with them. You just wait for the summons and attend court on the date.

Normally BF will send all sorts of paperwork which implies you have to respond. You don't have to respond and we advise you ignore it!

However it is in your interest to try and resolve the issue before a summons is issued so you should send any available info to try and convince them that they are wrong in seizing your goods.

If a summons is issued it will probably be in the week that the 6 months expires. We advise not to contact the court until at least a week after the 6 months has expired in case it is used as a reminder.

You will be required to attend court to claim ownership of the goods and a date will be set for the full hearing.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.


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