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20-1-2013 10:39 am  #1

Eezyrider's Cafe en-route Adinkerke

No, Eezyrider doesn't own it! He told us about it and it's a good cafe in our opinion. They do a damn good bacon sarnie and they have free WiFi. Cafe (truckstop) is approx 2km after Junction 4 to Middlekerke.





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20-1-2013 8:34 pm  #2

Re: Eezyrider's Cafe en-route Adinkerke

As you say: It's a clean and the fodder seems to be of a quality and price that you would never see in a UK motorway 'services'. However it's not for me as I rarely eat anything between breakfast (1-4 cups of espresso - I have an espresso machine at home and another one in the caravan - a couple of biccies and several fags) and tea time when I have little more than a child's serving. Sadly all too many of the calories I absorb on a daily basis come from my massive consumption of alcoholic beverages. *HIC*

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21-1-2013 3:27 am  #3

Re: Eezyrider's Cafe en-route Adinkerke

Bobi being Bobi recommends the smoked salmon butties really nice!!!!

This immediate area around the cafe was the scene of the Battle of Iser (the river just down the road) between October 16th to 31st 1914.
This section of the line was held by the 63rd Royal Navy division made up of surplus Royal Navy personel and Marines. The majority of this division were in Antwerp and fled into neutral Holland where they were interred.

On 20 September it arrived at Dunkirk with orders to assist in the defence of Antwerp. The two other Brigades moved to Dunkirk for the same purpose on 5 October 1914. In the haste to organise and move the units to Belgium, 80% went to war without even basic equipment such as packs, mess tins or water bottles. No khaki uniform was issued. The two Naval Brigades were armed with ancient charger-loading rifles, just three days before embarking. The Division was originally titled the Royal Naval Division, and was formed in England in September 1914. At this stage, it had no artillery, field ambulances or other ancillary units. RND units that managed to successfully withdraw from Antwerp returned to England, arriving 11 October 1914.

scene of one our better fuck ups



21-1-2013 4:39 am  #4

Re: Eezyrider's Cafe en-route Adinkerke

I think "Eazyrider" is spelt the Dutch way..."Mannekensvere"...?

And yes, my usual piss stop and pit stop en route to the Fatherland after getting off the Dunkerque ferry...usually around 3AM and be warned...they play music at you at the pumps. They also have a good selection of tobacco including GB brands and accept sterling (or did the last time  I was there).


pulling in there to the strains of FINAL COUNTDOWN very early one morning a couple of years back...

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