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10-8-2012 9:54 am  #1

SAR (Subject Access Request)

Apply for a SAR as soon as possible. Follow ALL the directions when applying. Be specific that you want a copy of the officers notebook and put down the date, place and Border Force ref number at the time of seizure (that's if they've bothered to put one down, if not your other details will suffice)

SAR link


link updated

I am sure SH will not mind me adding to his post!..............It would seem that it is possible to apply for a SAR online at the HMRC website and without the £10 fee. I am in the process of testing this out as of today 06/09/2015. I will report back when I get a reply. eezyrider  Link follows......https://online.hmrc.gov.uk/shortforms/form/DPU_SAR?dept-name=DPUFOI

Tried and failed. Sending a SAR by the above link to HMRC doe not work. It seems they are not able to access excise related info. Instead I received back about 40 pages of my tax records, as did another member who tried.

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09-3-2015 3:30 pm  #2

Re: SAR (Subject Access Request)

I have an appeal court date at last,is it too late to get a SAR , I've about 7 weeks before my case is heard...it's been 22 months to get this far!


09-3-2015 4:24 pm  #3

Re: SAR (Subject Access Request)

lou-boy wrote:

is it too late to get a SAR ,

The answer is no, however, one is cutting this fine though!


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