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08-9-2012 7:38 am  #1

How Complaints Should Be Handled By UKBA/Border Force Complaints Team


Finding sections 6 and 7 very interesting. Seems we need to put in a complaint about the Complaints Team.

7.6.5 The investigating officer will need to consider the information contained in the complaint to
decide who to interview to ensure that the full facts can be established. The subject of the
complaint and the customer should always be interviewed. There may however be reasons why
this is not practical (for example the customer is abroad) but in these situations alternatives such
as telephone interviews should be considered. If the investigating officer decides not to interview
certain individuals pertinent to the complaint they should provide reasons for this in their report. 

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08-9-2012 9:41 am  #2

Re: How Complaints Should Be Handled By UKBA/Border Force Complaints Team

The complete manual is here please read section 10 vexatious customers (us?)


It is interesting that UKBA  considered our complaint as being of the lowest level judging by the way it has been handled.
Time to up the stakes.
The next complaint is about
1) the way the original complaint was mis/handled.
2) The obvious errors in 4604's reply , a more serious complaint than the original.

I'll let you know how I get on



08-9-2012 4:45 pm  #3

Re: How Complaints Should Be Handled By UKBA/Border Force Complaints Team

I think I may just do the same, I dont have the facility to upload my reply to SHs dedicated section so will send the scanned copy to SH by email IN JPEG format AND I TRUST HE CAN HELP.


13-10-2012 8:08 am  #4

Re: How Complaints Should Be Handled By UKBA/Border Force Complaints Team


... "It has powers to overturn certain UKBA decisions." ...


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