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02-12-2017 6:41 pm  #1

Leeds Flight

Landed in Leeds on 26th November - Lovely flight from Krakow. Ryanair flight switched to the winter timetable
Last of my 4 trips this year after stocking up of Lambert and Butler for the winter months and hibernation. Previous trips passed through border control without a hitch. My gut instinct said something was amiss on this particular evening, 3 of 5 passport desks were live (normally all 5 are live). Went to a mature lady, asked whether I was travelling alone. Confirmed yes. Kept quiet while she did what she did. Passed through no problem at all. Went down the steps to be greeted with a sea of people all trying to get out of the exit. The first time i've ever seen BF in action at LBA. 1 of the exit gates shut to restrict flow. Joined the back of the queue and composed myself. Slowly shuffled through. BF scurrying around - I presume picking out someone they've picked up on X-Ray. Stern looking guy (1 Diamond) looking over bags and people as they pass in front. Indirectly looking up and down while two BF people stand behind. Picks one mature guy out in front of me (I would say 4 couples in front) , politely asks "Sir can you come with me". Whips the guy out of the departing line. Quick glance, VERY large suitcase. Exit Nothing to Declare. Turn back to see Tenerife/Lanzarote flight landed about 30 minutes before me. Suspect these were the target of the BF team that evening. Cheers, Fireblade


02-12-2017 7:42 pm  #2

Re: Leeds Flight

we used to get this a lot on the old hovercraft in dover,' lock ins' a bit more extreme in those days,  around 200 people trying to get through one small exit, why the customs picked the ones with the biggest bags out ha ha, everyone coming off the hovercraft had bags full of baccy ranging from 100 packs to 600 packs, so they just snatched the ones with the biggest bags in those days before the scanners ect.   Lots of travellers with over 100 packs would just dump their bags as they knew they would lose them anyway, then they would just get on the next hovercraft and go for more to try and cut their losses.

You could do upto 9 trips/flyers a day then on the hovercraft at £1 a trip,and some people reckon they could lose/have them seized 3 times out of 6 and still break even ha ha.

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