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26-4-2014 3:56 pm  #1

10 questions we need answers to in order to help you.

If you have had goods seized and need advice, we need to know the circumstances before we can give the correct advice.
Please start a new topic and either copy and paste the 10 questions with your answers or include the answers in your post. We will probably need more info to give you the correct advice but this will do for a start.

 1) Were your goods seized within the last month?

2) Are you a UK resident?

 3) What is the quantity of goods seized?

 4) Were the goods purchased in the EU and with your own funds? 

5) Have you appealed yet?

 6) How many times have you travelled abroad in the past 12 months?

 7) Did you have a full interview by Border Force officers? 

8) Did you inform the officers that all goods were for personal use incl as gifts (not paid for) ?

 9) Were all goods seized your own or were you travelling with another person?

 10) Are you prepared to go to court to recover your goods?

Some questions have been amended to aid anonymity  05/03/2015

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