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09-6-2014 1:56 pm  #1

Bremen-Stansted 03.06.14 18:44

Having managed to kill my beloved Audi 90 on the autobahn , we had to fly back to the UK instead of driving through the BNL etc. Bought some GV at a German tobacconists to bring back for the kids- at 9.5 Euros for 50g and also some'Schwarze Hand' rolling tobacco to mix in with the TL4U stuff. In total just under 2 kgs.

We flew from Bremen with RyanAir and Ryan Air have their own 'terminal' there- very basic, very much a hanger with some stools and very very remeniscent of Hahn before it got the mulit-million bucks make over. The 'duty free' shop is not much more than a kiosk with a couple of bookcase like shelves for tobacco goods- of which only a couple of shelves are marked for "EU travellers". I did take a snap shot of it but can't find the .jpg. There was, if memory serves, just some Van Nelle HalbZware and some GV, no Cutters ,no AL . A few cartons of West/Winston and Marlboro. So if you do have to fly out of Bremen then shop outside the airport.

Thanks to TL4U I haven't had to buy abroad for over a year now and I'm out of practice filling in an SOT.


But I did of course and also had my Sony running from the moment we 'de-planed'.

E-Borders machines almost caused The Bestes But Mental UNstablest Frau In The World to have a melt down...and they didn't do me much good either. Walked out of the baggage reclaim to find an empty UKBF bay. So all was good.

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09-6-2014 7:35 pm  #2

Re: Bremen-Stansted 03.06.14 18:44


if that's Bremen I reckon I'd rather be there than Stansted. In reality, I'd rather not be in an airport anywhere. I hate them with a passion. I have a mate with the same ''phobia'' who drives to Corfu every year for his holidays rather than use an airport.
I cannot think of a worse place to be especially when there are delays.

I hope you gave the old Audi a good sendoff followed by a suitable celebration of it's life http://cdn.boardhost.com/emoticons/grin.png


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