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14-6-2018 9:04 am  #1

Are all government depts a dinosaur?

One of our members has just concluded a case which has rolled on 6 years. Unfortunately we did not get the result we wanted this time - but six years?

We have numerous instances of members waiting way past the time allowed for a SAR and there is nothing we can do about it. They couldn't do a better job if they were deliberately stone walling applications.

I currently have a personal issue with DVLA who are no better. I sold my old car and posted by first class the change of ownership the same day, May 25th. On June 1st they still direct debited my account for that month's tax. So I phoned them. I was told don't worry your tax will be refunded. OK but when? ''Well it takes up to 4 weeks to register a change of ownership and then a further 6 weeks to receive your refund''. WTF...10 weeks to get my money back that they defrauded from my account? If it was a private company it would make the national news.
Ah well says the man on the phone, you should have changed ownership online. I bloody well would have if I'd known the facility existed. It didn't when I bought the car and there is nothing on the V5 about it.

So having treated ourselves to a brand new car, I decided the bike was going to be used even less than it already is so I put up an advert. Within 24 hours I had a message saying I want to buy the bike at full asking price. The guy phoned me next day, sent full payment by Paypal for which he paid the charges and arranged a transporter to collect the bike. This time I did change of ownership online which was instant and he taxed the bike straightaway - job done.

Only thing left to do was cancel the insurance. I insured the bike on 4th March for £134. Three months later I cancel and guess what I'm due as a refund? ....13 quid!. Another bloody ripoff. 

They used to say the 2 most stressful things in life were buying a house and divorce. Well I think I can add a couple of other things to the list.........


14-6-2018 6:19 pm  #2

Re: Are all government depts a dinosaur?

i always do change of ownership now online, confirmation is instant plus save the cost of a stamp ha ha.

sometimes not worth cancelling insurance,and sometimes you even get charged aswell!

I insured 10 bikes in april, cost was £93 for all 10 on a classic bike policy, few weeks later i bought another bike, so rang to add this to the policy ,normally cost is £20 admin fee, but this bike was 2 years younger than their stated 'classic' age,so they wanted an extra £50,  .

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14-6-2018 10:32 pm  #3

Re: Are all government depts a dinosaur?

You're right about not worth cancelling insurance but in this case there's no prospect of me owning another bike and certainly not within the next 2 years before the NCB expires.

Got 17 years NCB with the bike so will see if I can get it transferred over to the car at next renewal. Only got 8 years on the car. Some insurers give max discount at 5 years though.

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