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09-7-2018 5:04 pm  #1

Davis and now BoJo

What a day!  Chaos in a word.
It's disappointing to watch the democratic process being skewed by the rich.
Tony Blair for example, would be a Brexiteer IMHO if he felt it would add to his earning power as an international Mr Fixit. 
The pervert Richard Branson lives on Necker Island.  No idea where that is except one thing is for sure it ain't in the Solent.
And George Soros!  What has this got to do with him?  A senile old fool.
It's all very well for these members of the Liberal Elite to advance their view ultimately leading them to greater income.  It's entirely different living in a city which has been changed so much to cater for the good only of business.
If there is a leadership challenge and we get JRM some faith will be restored.  Otherwise this is looking ominously like the greatest sell out in modern politics.
Rant over.


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09-7-2018 8:38 pm  #2

Re: Davis and now BoJo

I've had a chaotic day of a different sort - 4 hours stuck in a gridlocked Coquelles!

Consequently I'm getting dribs and drabs of this story.Although I voted remain I have to accept we are leaving. It seems to me the top men have had a crack at it but can't find a pathway through the maze. Take Northern Ireland, you cannot possibly have Brexit without a hard border. It's like leaving the back door open. A comparison is Gibraltar.

I don' think there will be an agreement at crunch time.


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