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09-9-2018 1:15 pm  #1


Took advantage of the free trip from pidou when ordering £250 worth of wine, was in no rush so took the ferry for a change, good clear run down to dover , 2 hours early for the ferry but they put us on the next available one, boarded within 15 mins, p&o warn of long security checks entering port but i didnt encounter any at all and drove virtually straight through to check in.

Landed in calais on time and upto adinkirke, after calling in at a warehouse near the port, yes they had echo falls but £3 a case more than last time,this worked out at only £1 cheaper than pidou.

Adinkirke reasonably quiet, the busiest place was the petrol station up the canal, diesel working out £1.27 a litre so not much savings there.

Called the pidou at dunkirke to collect order, they honoured the price i had ordered at last week, but the wine i get had now gone up £2 a case!

Back to calais port, very few imigrants about anywere.
Boarded within 20 mins once through pcp, lots of coaches about and the ferry was full of bulgarians who were travelling on the coaches to dover, very few uk people on the ferry.

I was the 3rd car off the ferry and upto Border force check point, only saw around 4 ukbf, but lots of police about, the ukbf never looked my way, but the police were staring and taking more notice of the vehicles, no idea whyI drove straight through without a hitch.

Im just hoping the prices at pidou dont make it not worthwhile travelling now, and the price increase is just a pre christmas season sale ploy and the prices come down again soon.

Bells whisky on p&0 2 for £26 litre bottles, stella 2 for £27, old spewckled hen 2 for £34 so these were a bit of a bonus after forgetting to buy some gin at pidou.

Got talking to the p&o guy who carried my cases of beer down to the car,and he said the ukbf have been clamping down recently and scaring shoppers away again from dover crossings.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.
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