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19-1-2019 2:19 pm  #1

32 wins in 5 years!

Yes we have won at least 32 cases in 5 years. I say at least 32 because those are the only ones that have come back and reported the result to us.

Even so we still get surprised sometimes with the antics from the other parties in court including the magistrates, clerk and BF barrister. It is also not uncommon for customs officers to lie in court. Neverthe less we still occasionally receive praise from those same parties on our preparation and presentation.

We have even been awarded costs recently even when a section 144 certificate has been granted.

We are a thorn in Border Force's side!


29-4-2019 6:00 pm  #2

Re: 32 wins in 5 years!

A brief update on what's happening.

May - We have a Crown court appeal
June - Full hearing at the Sheriff's court in Scotland.

Another case is pending in Northern Ireland but is a way off yet.

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