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06-12-2012 3:23 pm  #21

Re: Breaking It Down

eezyrider wrote:

Glad it went well BD. We were tooled up for our trip, same day, but not confronted.

Glad to hear you weren't molested

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06-12-2012 4:13 pm  #22

Re: Breaking It Down

great stuff BD,we came back through a few hours after yourself,nothing to report though sorry,the car in front got pulled though.

notice how the bf officer keeps saying 'no problem',i hear this a lot from them,its a way to gain your trust,never be taken in by it.

few things that may be of interest
stella 24x50cl 2 for £28 on p&0,uk best price i could find was £24 for same at the local corner shop(probably comes from france)
the local warehouse i normally use is £14.50 for same so cheaper on board.

P&0 ferry very quiet,i was talking to the guy who brought my beer down to the car,he said it has been quiet for weeks apart from the odd weekend.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.
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06-12-2012 5:06 pm  #23

Re: Breaking It Down

sollrunner wrote:

hello group, new member to this group and pleased i found the group. Off to gdansk 17th to purchase. Seems the prices are keen. I live in Benalmadena costa del sol and the prices are creeping up now. 78 euros 10 x 50g golden v. Any advice for the poland trip appart from the obvious sot ect ect.

Hello sollrunner.

It's probably a daft question but how would a sot written for UKBF assist you in getting your goods back home to Benalmadena?


10-12-2012 5:59 pm  #24

Re: Breaking It Down

got girlfriend in manchester.


09-3-2015 5:49 pm  #25

Re: Breaking It Down

Blocked Dwarf do you have an actual copy of your loan agreement between you and your friend?? I would be interested in the wording.

Many Thanks


17-4-2015 9:51 am  #26

Re: Breaking It Down

Dear n2d first of all i must congratulate you on the documents ( statement of truth e.t.c ) you allow people to read and download for their safety whilst being accosted at uk borders.( let me tell you about my experience) Myself, i have just come  back from a shopping trip to belgium about a week ago, chose to use my own vehicle because the coach is such a long drawn out process decided to use eurotunnel.Arrived at coquelles coming back ( french end of eurotunnel) got stopped and asked to open my vehicles boot and asked to show the receipts to pleasant  french doaunes ( customs) was told " merci "  ( thank-you in french ) and allowed to proceed to the english customs about 50 yrds further .This is where as i suspected it would all start ,firstly at immigration ( ugly looking woman/bloke( hairy palms )  thing asking for my passport, knew it would be hassle when a goon peaked over her shoulder,leaning out of immigration window to start asking me "  how long have you been out of the country ", my reply was " i left this morning",next question from him was " where have you been ", my reply ," belgium " ,his next question was " shopping " , i replied ," yes" ,to which he said " ok sir drive over there to bay 2 "  ,as soon as i got outside the garage of bay 2 this border farce came to my window and asked for id,so me being me handed over my photo driving licence lol,he said thats not your passport ,i said you asked for id so i handed you id ,he started then ," whats your issue" , i stated i hadn't got an issue .Then he DEMANDED my passport aswell along with " oh your recording to are you ", i said yes i am  ,he then asked me where i had been ,what i had bought blah blah blah and asked me to open my boot .I had to get out of the car so did such and whilst i opened the boot handed him a statement of truth.He asked if i had been stopped before and had any goods seized ,i stated i had been stopped numerous times,but had nothing seized and all the dates,receipts so on as to when and where were recorded in the statement of truth,he then proceeded to go into the garage ( i had parked directly outside it at this moment ) he asked me to take a seat lol, in my own car i may add, he had a bit of a conference with his superiors( all of 4 minutes) and marched back out handed me my documents back including my statement of truth and said in a very low tone of voice ,"see you then", almost whispering it lol and i was let on my merry way.The question i really wanted to ask was can i have that stop recorded ( couldnt see badge numbers of ossifers because as you know they hide their id numbers)i know they dont record the stop unless they make notes ,which he didnt .Once again ,many thanks in advance and people have faith, these clowns at the borders are wasting mine and their times when there are smugglers strolling through the border willy nilly ,it is an outrage .

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17-4-2015 1:42 pm  #27

Re: Breaking It Down

Always encouraging to hear good news, well done!

Once you get to the second stage ''pull into bay 2 please''. insist they open a notebook record of the stop. They often don't like that but all stops according to CEMA should be recorded. They usually don't record 'negative' stops which means you have no evidence of the stop or quantity of goods you had for future ref. Any problems insist on talking to a senior officer.

Probably won't be any point in sending for a SAR if nothing was recorded.


17-4-2015 2:12 pm  #28

Re: Breaking It Down

I had quite a few of these stops on the tunnel,very arrogant ukbf,they dont record such stops but i do,always ask for id numbers and insist they show them,i once recorded a customs officer refusing to give her id,she then called her supirior,who still refused to disclose her id,i did complain when i got back,but guess what they had no record of any such stop,but i did ha ha.

a lot of anpr cameras now at ports,so even if they dont record your travel they will know how many times the actual vehicle has travelled and base their assumoptions on that in future stops.

Please ensure you do not divulge any information which could identify you as Border Force will use your posts here as evidence against you in court.
Better to live one day as a lion than a thousand days as a sheep'

16-12-2017 4:08 pm  #29

Re: Breaking It Down



14-8-2018 7:52 pm  #30

Re: Breaking It Down

Going on my first trip soon  -  made copies of all the relevant documentation and sorted out my SOT  -  all nice and neat in individual folders ready to be stopped.
Hope it doesn't happen but wish me luck if it does!


14-8-2018 8:55 pm  #31

Re: Breaking It Down

Good luck with your trip.

A good bit of commonsense and your SOT and you should be ok


15-8-2018 6:51 pm  #32

Re: Breaking It Down

Yeah, good luck devonsent. If you do get stopped for the full formal interview, just remember to be calm, not aggressive and if you're up to it, when they start asking the a-j's, just refer them to the SOT and your calculator etc and tell them all the information they want is in there. Also, if the interview drags on, ask them forra fag break. At least then they know you actually do smoke.

Don't forget to come back on here and give us a basic trip report.


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24-8-2018 6:03 pm  #33

Re: Breaking It Down

Got back and all is well.
Went on Eurotunnel and then straight through to Adinkerke.  Great service in Real and bought many thousands of two different brands (me and the Boss).
Back to Calais and into Auchan ‘cos I was concerned that I’d be too long in a wine warehouse.   Couple of cases of fizz etc and back to terminal.   
Stopped at Customs and was asked where I’d been, then what I’d bought.   When I said 6000 fags he asked if these were for me because that was quite a lot (said, me and the wife but that they’d last us almost to Xmas.)
He said OK, on you go. 
Surprised to the point of gobsmacked as my little heart was bouncing . . and pleased especially as I’d forgotten to turn on my iPhone recording!
Here’s hoping that my trip at Christmas is as uneventful but I’ll still be going with all the updated paperwork and this time, I’ll have all the tax stickers from the used cartons as well.
Thanks for all the help on here guys.  Probably wouldn’t have had the halls to do it without even though I’ve known “free movement etc etc”
Thanks again


24-8-2018 7:54 pm  #34

Re: Breaking It Down

At the Tunnel, Passport control seem more sensible about things than the customs officers. Occasionally they have a customs officer looking over their shoulder. Those are the ones that have a different attitude and will often pull you in.

Suggest you make a trip log for future use and record that you were asked what you were carrying and the amount declared. Also thanks for reporting back, it all helps.


25-8-2018 9:03 am  #35

Re: Breaking It Down

You’re right Eezyrider, it was a customs officer who appeared from behind the passport control guy but this one must have had a great lunch as he was more than reasonable. 
Can’t say that I’ll expect the next trip to be as painless though but at least I’ve got the first one out of the way.


26-5-2019 3:31 pm  #36

Re: Breaking It Down

Moved to own topic


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