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18-3-2013 9:00 pm  #1

Refusing entry to the UK

Border Force Current Operations Advice & Support
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Mr ****** ********
Email: ************** @hotmail.com

27 February 2013

Dear Mr ********
                        Thank you for your email enquiry of 15 February to the Freedom of Information team with a question about the reason a British citizen could be refused entry at the United Kingdom border control. Your enquiry will be answered as a general enquiry as it does not fall to be dealt with under the Freedom of Information Act 2000. It has been passed to me to respond.

As legislated by the Immigration Act 1971, all persons arriving in the United Kingdom are required to establish their identity and nationality to a Border Force officer. If a British citizen presents a genuine travel document which satisfactorily establishes him as a British national and if the Border Force officer is assured that this document is genuinely issued and in the possession of the rightful holder, he cannot be refused entry into the United Kingdom.

Yours sincerely

H Ho
Border Force Operational Policy

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