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02-11-2016 10:50 am  #41

Re: 2014 duty rates for penalties

so is that right ....i am between a rock and a hardplace
it seemed with C A B i got the wrong one on the day 
i have to contact them by the 21st of this month

[useless info i know but it is so wrong they bang on about duty etc etc ....yet god knows what all this must be costing tax payer ...and all i did was buy bacca in good faith for myself ....yet they want to do me as a trader.]

how long do you think this will take 
am i best contacting tribunal by the 21st.....
or just seeing what develops..i ask this as this has now gone on for over three years
if i have nothing to gain because of other problems i have ...i don't want to be banging my head against a brick wall
i hope you understand what i mean


05-11-2016 8:47 pm  #42

Re: 2014 duty rates for penalties

You might as well make some submissions to the UT if you are given the chance otherwise your case is liable to go by default.

As mentioned above you could argue that you were not in physical control of the other person's goods and your goods were only forfeited because they were mixed with the other goods. However, you will need to explain to the tribnunal how your goods came to be found with those of this "other person" and your relationship to him or her.

You can also request the tribunal to consider whether the goods are liable to to duty anyway in view of Article 37 of EU directive 2008/118/EC.


07-11-2016 8:10 am  #43

Re: 2014 duty rates for penalties

thank you turbulentupstart..........you are right and thank you so much for your time and advice ...i will keep you informed of the outcome



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