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10-10-2018 10:02 pm  #1

Another trip through the Tunnel........

Nothing new really except the rolls of tumbleweed seem to be getting bigger in Adinkerke. Very quiet these days.

They had an offer at Real on 24X500ml cans of 7.6% lager. Shelf price said £4.90. It wasn't until we checked later that the receipt showed £6.90. Happens often but always forget to check the receipt before we leave.

Only 1 lorry on the park at Pidou. It always used to be packed. Wine is mostly over £2 per bottle now but I guess they have to endure price increases the same as we do here. Thanks to good news about possible Brexit agreement, sterling is on a high so got a better rate on the credit card than Pidou's instore rate.

Did a bit of shopping and then back to the Tunnel. Not particularly busy but took 30 mins to get from check in to passport control. No questions for us and because of the delay we were waved straight on to the train. I reckon it must have been the oldest train in the fleet. It was worse than crossing the channel on a Fastcat. My teeth were dropping out by the time we got to Folkestone!

Couple of points to peruse - I wonder how high sterling will go if Brexit agreement is confirmed 1.15, 1.20 to the pound or more? If so should be a good discount on prices over there. The benefit of course will depend on how soon they introduce duty free limits. Immediately I would imagine.

The other point is if there is currently 30 min delay on a quiet day to passport control what will it be like after Brexit?


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