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07-12-2018 11:25 am  #1


Just back from our pre christmas shopping trip.
First time in a new vehicle, a small van so was fully expecting a search, directed into security at check, this gave me a chance to look under the bonnet and check oil and water ect why security were looking ha ha.

Relaxed sailing over and just needed 1 number on the bingo, but it didn't get called!
Sampled quite a bit of gin in the shop on the sailing over ,some very nice gins but also very expensive.

Bit of a delay disembarking in zebbrugge, apparently pc staff were late arriving.

We had planned to meet an old friend on board , but he was late arriving at hull check in, even though he has half the distance to travel there !  Anyway i gets a message to say he was on the ferry to rotterdam and would meet us in ypres next day ha ha. which he did after driving down from rotterdam, 150 miles!,  But they had transferred his return journey to hull, so he travelled back on the same boat as us.

We drove down to dunkirk to pidou to collect our wine, didn't see any immigrants at all on our journey anywer'e.

Collected our wine and up to adinkirk , very quiet, filled with diesel but didn't work out much cheaper.

Still had a few hours spare so decided why the weather was good we drove into ypres, nice little town and strolled round the menin gate, christmas market on in the centre ,ice rink ect but not many stalls open as midweek.

Drove back to the port, quick check in and boarding.

Boat was quite busy but not rowdy,had a very nice meal in the kitchen,food has vastly improved i think and plenty of choice.

Back in Hull we were quite quick off the boat and upto pcp, 2 ukbf in the booth and i was fully expecting to be directed into the search area, very pleasant ukbf checking passports, just the usual questions and no probs at all, but i did notice the other ukbf leave the booth and walk round to the side of my van,why i was talking to the one checking passports, he asked my partner could he look inside and she said yes, he opened the side door ,had a look and shut it,everything was on display and in full view, and he didn't question what we had declared and then we were waved on.

The police were just outside the gates of the port in a traffic vehicle, normal at this time of year to pull a few drivers leaving the ferry and breathalyse them, i know this from experience and am very careful of the amount i drink on the ferry.

The weather was atrocious driving on the road from hull, totally different from the day before in belgium.

So that's us stocked up i think with wine till next year i hope, even though we had to travel 2 weeks before planned.

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07-12-2018 7:48 pm  #2


Was persisting it down when I left for work this morning Warrior at 6:45. Didn't realise it had lasted for that long ! It was interesting going over Ouse bridge with all the wind and rain in a high-sided van .

Nice to know you had a good trip buddy. Will prolly see you around February or so 

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