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26-3-2019 5:52 pm  #1


taking no chances i booked a last minute mini cruise. Maybe my last one who knows,so i got a little extra this time to last me longer.
travelled acroos to brugges via hull/ zeeb
boat was extremely busy compared to the last 2 trips ,i got talking to a few people from north yorkshire on a baccy bus, cost them £95 each,i didnt know they did these on a mini cruise.
all foot passengers and the coach drives on/off empty.

Good crossing and quickly unloaded, no hold ups either side.
Pidou was busy at dinkirke, the baccy bus arrived about the same time as myself, even though i stopped off for breakfast.

Adinkirke wasnt very busy,i must have beat the coaches, filled up with diesel that worked out around £1.20 a litre.
Back upto the zeebrugge port, lots of vehicles,motorhomes and a van full of new age traveller types, loaded quickly.
On the return there was a lot of schoolchildren on a trip to york 3/4 to a room and they all seemed to be on the same landing as me!  but to be fair they were reasonably quiet and respectfull, from the netherlands i heard one say.
The Kitchen was busy with long ques ,so i waited until around 8.00pm until it had quitened down, still busy though.
Landed back in Hull around 7.30am well ahead of schedule, 30 minute wait for immigration to arrive but then unloaded, long ques leading to pcp, i noticed a lot of people about with hi vz jackets, but young people, then i saw they were security type with their newly aquired SIA licences, the que was slow and moving every few minutes or so, i checked facebook ect on my phone when stopped ,and one of the security personel had to the cheek to tap on my window and give me a lecture about using my phone, she said it was against the law even on private property to use my phone when driving, i just smiled but didnt say anything ha ha, even though i was stationary without the engine running as its got stop/start .
Finally got to pcp, i was on my own and in a small van so expected to get asked/searched, the passport was scanned and i was asked could they look in the back of the van, i said yes certainly, but do you mind if i stay in the drivers seat? No problem and the young lady opened my van and had a quick look, nodded and said yes thats fine ,have a nice day.
I still cant understand the difference in attitudes from ukbf, the ones in hull i have always found very polite and reasonably fair , but the ones in dover or manchester airport are totally different and complete twats with their aggressive bullying tactics.

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