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07-7-2019 10:41 pm  #1

Nearing the end of an era.

I do believe things have now just about run their course and we are nearing the end of an era.

Currently there are only 2 cases outstanding, 1 in Scotland and one in NI. The Scottish one we had a crack at but discovered the system there with sheriff's courts is vastly different to England, so although we were able to give our member all the legal defence, we were did not have enough knowledge to be able to put it into a working format that was acceptable to the court.

The case in NI is ongoing but the member does not update me so I don't know where we are at with that one.

I think we have not done too bad over the years. We have been a real pain in the ass to customs winning at least 90% of our cases and more recently winning costs too. We must have saved our members collectively a sum well into  £100,000's if you add court costs, legal fees and duty assessments and penalties. To my knowledge 33 cases won, I reckon at an average saving of 7.5k per case incl legal representation.

We still have 20 to 30+ guests looking in at any time of the day but if no-one is posting Boardhost will take down the forum if there are no posts in a 3 month period. Quite honestly I'm tired of looking for titbits to post just to keep the forum alive.

With Brexit set to happen on 31/10 our services will no longer be relevant anyway.

Only other point to mention is our friend Nadger, a member of the admin team. I've not been able to contact him for about 18 months. He was in his 80's and had fought the big C some years ago and come through. He had been taking his car abroad since the early 60's so was a valued source of info. He was an absolute gentleman and I can only assume he has not answered my messages because he is no longer with us. If that is the case, RIP John and sincerest condolences to the family.


31-5-2020 10:09 pm  #2

Re: Nearing the end of an era.

I can't believe it's nearly 11 months since I posted the above and we're still here.

We won the case mentioned above in NI and the member whose case was in Scotland used our prepared notes to represent herself because she could not find legal representation. As it happens the Sheriff was sympathetic on the day and she won her case.

Since then there were more cases which we won, one at appeal to Crown. There is one other appeal to the same Crown court which was cancelled last November, and then February and again this month. To my knowledge that is the final remaining case. 

I have heard of people still travelling during lockdown and having goods seized but we have not been approached by anyone seeking help. How they are still managing to travel whilst the EU borders are closed, I don't know.


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